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IT is the foundation of your business. Inefficient technologies can lead to a lack of productivity and a struggle to hit yearly revenue targets, while state-of-the-art IT solutions will lead to increased profitability and happier customers.

Most importantly, technology leads to new business growth and innovation. 

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OT Group Brockville IT Services

A successful IT strategy will lead to improved revenue generation, significant cost savings, better employee engagement, improved internal processes, an enhanced customer experience (CX) and many other benefits for your business in Brockville, Ontario.

Is your company focusing enough on its IT strategy and the benefits of modern technology? OT Group is here to help.

We have years of experience in developing successful IT strategies for small, medium and large organizations. By listening to your specific needs, we can help your business cut costs, streamline processes and stay competitive. 

Through an assessment of your IT infrastructure, we are able to evaluate what your company needs to transform its IT strategy. We then recommend, implement and train staff in a variety of new technologies - significantly enhancing the way your company operates.

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Our IT solutions include:


Complete IT Strategies

OT Group Staff Training

Staff Training

Document Management

Document Management

Cloud Based Phone Systems

Cloud Based Phone Systems


Data Protection & Recovery

OT Group Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

Antivirus Software

Managed Antitvirus Service

OT Group Infrastructure Consulting

IT Infrastructure Solutions

OT Group Local Services

And Much More!


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