Business Situational Analysis

Business IT Infrastructure Assessment

Each analysis performed by OT Group is focused on helping you get the most out of your office technology. 

All businesses want to spend money wisely and improve efficiency - OT Group's Current Business Systems Situational Analysis can help you get there. 

Companies of all sizes have difficulty applying new technologies to their existing legacy business process.

Our core business is recommending, implementing and training your staff in new technologies to improve your internal processes and your bottom line. Sometimes the solution is as simple as showing you how your current systems and technologies can be better applied to your line of business.

Business Situational Analysis

Our unique, in-depth and free analysis will:

  • Potentially reduce operating costs, even without replacing equipment.
  • Discover additional ways to maximize your technology investments.
  • Identify areas of unnecessary expenses.
  • Remove guesswork by providing facts upon which to base decisions

Our Current Business Systems Analysis will:

  • Reveal the actual, total cost of your current contract.
  • Find any hidden fees or previously unrealized price increases.
  • Provide an expert, insider opinion on your current contract.
  • Document all findings for you.

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Our passion is to understand your vision and your company. We want to know your people, how they are organized and the infrastructure and technology that supports them.

We want to hear everything! If it is important to your business, it is important to us.

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Business Operations and Technology Solutions

We will perform a thorough organizational review to identify how you operate your business. We will then build solutions that are appropriate for you and that work within the capabilities of your company.

We will duplicate your existing process and match it with new technology first, then assist you in managing the change by providing hands-on people centric implementation.

Our Trained and Certified IT Specialists will make the transition to your new software or network solution as smooth and trouble-free as possible.

OT Group is happy to train your organization to be more self-sufficient by:

  • Involving key staff in the design and implementation of the solution.
  • Assist in the development or enhancement of the role of your key in-house technology support staff.
  • Train all users to the appropriate level.
  • Provide quality eSupport, telephone and in-person service support for problem resolution.
Employee writing notes Business Situational Analysis

IT Advice

Every business is unique. This is why we take the time to listen, learn and understand your technology infrastructure. Our customized solutions are designed to develop more efficient and cost savings within your IT infrastructure.


Your Small Business is a Target for Cybercrime - We're Here to Help!

All businesses deserve powerful, cost effective, and easy-to-use cyber security to protect their operations from cyber threats.

We created this eBook as a primer to help you understand the cyber threats that are targeting your business and how to proactively defend against them.

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