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If you are like the vast majority of organizations in North America, you probably don't have an accurate idea of what the true costs of printing and copying are, and how they affect your company’s bottom line.

In fact, clients with unmanaged printing often find that the costs of print are now their third-largest expense - just behind rent and payroll.

When you combine this with the fact that 17% of all pages printed are never used, and that the average employee prints 34 pages per day, there is a clear opportunity to improve the bottom line by tackling print.

Free Print Assessment

Comprehensive Free Print Assessment Report

Where do you start? OT Group is happy to offer Print Assessments which are FREE in all but the rarest situations (like if we need to fly from Vancouver to Halifax to cover your organization).

When you start with a print assessment with OT Group, you will discover trends and data that allows analysis on how to move forward with the best solutions.

Our report includes answers like:

  • Who and which department prints the most?
  • What types of devices are receiving the most print volume (and should they be)?
  • What is the total per page price your paying for your printed pages?
  • How much-orphaned toner do you have?

Our report can also include recommendations on:

  • How to print less
  • How to reduce waste
  • How to redeploy your current fleet to save money
  • How to reduce electrical consumption
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Through our vendor-agnostic approach that provides positive business outcomes, we offer a full array of office technology from computers, servers, software, copiers, printers, faxes, scanners and more.

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Looking to find an office technology solution that will help your business cut costs, improve efficiencies, meet annual goals and boost profits? OT Group has more than 30 years providing world-class, innovative office technology that will help make that happen.


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