Technology Impact

Addressing Changes in Technology

Technology is constantly changing and it's hard to keep up with it all. OT Group technology experts can help you sort through the information overload and advise you on what new technologies can do for your business in a cost effective manner.

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Technology Impact


Voice over IP can represent a huge cost savings for organizations that are heavily reliant on phones to communicate with their customers and with remote branches.

OT Group can help you carefully craft your VOIP Phone solution to ensure that you have the most current features, including business continuity, to keep you organization performing it’s best.


Virtualization increases the availability of hardware and applications by dynamically allocating and balancing server capacity and the placement of your "Virtual Machines". It allows your hardware resources to be available on demand for the applications and systems you decide are the most critical. The result is less downtime and less technical support without adding more physical hardware.

Most physical servers only achieve up to 15% utilization rate but through consolidation we often achieve 80% utilization. OT Group's experience ranging from single server consolidations to fully replicated disaster recovery systems will help ensure that you get the best performance and value out of your infrastructure investment.


The cloud offers organizations a lot of new possibilities: VoIP, software as a service (SaaS), virtual infrastructure, data storage and management, backup and disaster recovery. Without technical expertise and experience, it is difficult to assess whether some or all of these services may be right for your business.

OT Group's business-centric approach and technical knowledge can help you determine which cloud solutions, if any, are right for you while minimizing security risks to your network and data.

Branch Integrations

Whether your branches are around the corner or around the world, they need reliable, secure access to your network to ensure they can function efficiently. OT Group can help you implement the right technology to connect all your branches and integrate new acquisitions into your existing infrastructure.

With new technologies like Software Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-Wan), and Secure Internet Gateways, we can help you grow your organization while making sure it’s the fastest and most secure it can be.

Explosion in Data

As access to data has improved, the amount of data that companies deal with on a daily basis has increased exponentially. This data explosion puts significant pressure on infrastructure and highlights the need for effective storage, management, backup and retrieval. OT Group's suite of products and services ensure that you manage your data - not the other way around.

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Every business is unique. This is why we take the time to listen, learn and understand your technology infrastructure. Our customized solutions are designed to develop more efficient and cost savings within your IT infrastructure.


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