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For over 30 years, OT Group has been providing integrated business technology solutions to thousands of clients. In addition to being one of Canada's largest independent authorized Canon Dealer, we are also an authorized dealer for Kyocera copiers and printers, the full line of  Sharp office products.

Our extensive product mix ranges from facsimile and desktop copiers to high-speed digital networked reproduction systems. Whether your business needs are basic or highly complex, we have a custom solution that is right for you. At OT Group, we have one goal in mind - to provide integrated business solutions that allow our clients to maximize performance and efficiency.

Copiers & Printers

What Type of Printers & Photocopiers are Available for Your Business? 

We offer a wide range of photocopier / printer technology options that your organization can choose from based on several factors;

  • the business purpose; 
  • the expected print volumes and speed requirements;
  • the print resolution, quality requirements;
  • whether you want to print in colour or just black and white;
  • your budget and maintenance requirements;
  • the need to integrate document management systems and the software that runs your business;
  • and the space considerations.

Monochrome Versus Colour: Monochrome copiers only use black toner, so they are more economical and could offer a lower cost option to fit a smaller budget. Colour copiers use black, cyan, yellow and magenta toner cartridges to allow you to copy documents in full colour from brochures to business cards.

Multifunctional: Multifunctional copiers perform more tasks than just copying, such as printing, copying, scanning, faxing, and some even integrate with the latest cloud technologies like Amazon Alexa, Dropbox, Microsoft Sharepoint and OneDrive.

Desktop Versus Production: Desktop printers are often stand-alone printers, typically placed on an employee's desk and are generally reserved for home office use or local low volume printing. If your organization requires professional-grade graphics on a frequent basis or large scale print runs, then Production copiers could be a better option than outsourcing your printing costs.

Re-manufactured: These multifunctional devices and printers can be purchased at a fraction of the price of a new printer, are all fully vetted, have had any worn components replaced to ensure they work just as well as a brand-new printer and come with the same service rates and OT+ Guarantee as their new siblings.


Selecting a Printer or Copier Technology

Choosing the right office technology is important to your business operations. A high-quality copier or printer will ensure that your internal processes run efficiently, allowing your employees to get more done in less time.

Here are the two main types of printer technologies to choose from:

Inkjet: Inkjet printers are the most common type of printer found in homes and small offices, as they are cheaper to purchase and can print in full colour, however the cost of replacement cartridges should be considered in the overall cost as they typically represent a significant cost increase over laser devices.

Laser: Laser printers are the workhorse printer for most small businesses. Through the use of drums, toners and static electricity for positive and negative charges, laser printers print your documents incredibly fast. This type of printer can be more expensive to purchase, but can offer long term cost savings based on printing volume and speed.

No matter what your budget, there will be a photocopier printer solution that fits the unique needs of your organization. We’re here to help you make the right choice. Our team at OT Group are experts in the latest office technology and models, and how to connect office equipment /tools and digital processes to optimize your business.

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Through our vendor-agnostic approach that provides positive business outcomes, we offer a full array of office technology, from computers, servers, software, copiers, printers, faxes, scanners and more to put together the best office technology pricing package for your business.

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Looking to find an office technology solution that will help your business cut costs, improve efficiencies, meet annual goals and boost profits? OT Group has more than 30 years providing world-class, innovative office technology that will help make that happen.


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