FREE Offer - Managed Antivirus Package

Special Offer Free of Charge - OT Group Managed Antivirus Package

With many companies operating with a workforce working from home, there are serious IT security concerns, especially for those who are no longer connected to their corporate security systems. Employees could be working on unsecured networks and perhaps some are working on personal devices - this leaves your corporate information and documentation vulnerable to a security breach.

At OT Group, we want to offer our assistance to put your mind at ease and give you confidence that your data is secure. 

Therefore, during this time, OT Group is offering the use of our Managed Antivirus package at no charge, (normally valued at $8.99 per system/month), while we are all mandated to work from home. 

We’ll be offering this service for the duration of the lock-down and work from the home period, which has been mandated by the Government of Ontario. Once this requirement has been lifted and we are all able to return to work, OT Group will continue to offer the service at a discounted rate. 

Our Free Managed Antivirus Package is currently available to those who reside in our local service areas - please fill out the form to take advantage of this special offer.

During this unprecedented time, we understand that everyone is experiencing some discomfort and are needing to adjust to how they conduct themselves while working remotely. We’re here to support our local business community, and we hope you find this free offer helpful.

*Some conditions may apply.

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