Work From Home Offer - Printer Drop-Off

Special Offer For Home Workers - OT Group Printer Drop-off

While working from home, many employees are left without the essential technology tools that they rely on daily to do their jobs properly and efficiently. For office workers, this could include the use of a printer. 

A printer isn’t necessarily an essential device that people have in their homes these days, and with the rapid conversion to an online work environment, you might be missing this basic technology. With that in mind, we’ve come up with a solution to keep our customers working productively from home - OT Group Printer Drop-off.

For customers who are in need of a printer, OT Group is happy to loan you a printer to facilitate your work from home initiatives during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We will not be charging our clients for the cost of the printer or the delivery charge!

All that we ask is that you pay for the pages that you print in order to cover the cost of supplies. We will bill these charges just like your current copier contract, at the service rate of $0.015 per page.

When you no longer need the device, just let us know and we will arrange a convenient time to pick up the printer.

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*Some conditions apply.

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