Cybersecurity Solutions

Protecting Your Ontario Business From Cyber Security Threats

Today’s organizations store an increasing amount of data. As the data that businesses store continues to grow, so does the risk of malicious threats targeting their network.

Cybersecurity is increasingly critical in today’s digital business environment. The use of technology protects your network from theft and damage. Without it, organizations are vulnerable to cyberthreats and malicious actors. 

Simple solutions are no longer enough to protect businesses from the wide range of threats targeting them. While anti-virus and firewall solutions are still an important aspect of a cybersecurity solution - they are not enough on their own.

That’s why here at OT Group we partner with industry-leading software developers to deliver seamless cybersecurity solutions to our clients, across Southern Ontario, to protect their network from a wide range of threats.

We can enhance your organization’s cybersecurity strategy through a variety of solutions, including:

Cybersecurity Solutions

Managed Extended Detection and Response (MDXR)

Rapid changes in the cyber threat landscape and within an organization’s internal network means companies must be able to uncover hidden risks and threats before they are targeted by external, malicious forces. Yet, despite this, most IT teams don’t have the cybersecurity personnel to effectively detect and respond to security threats.

Managed extended detection and response, also known as MDXR, allows businesses to automate the processes associated with monitoring their network, mitigate security vulnerabilities, as well as identify and resolve threats.

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Multi-Factor Authentication

Did you know that, according to Verizon, 80 percent of security breaches involve compromised passwords? You can protect your organization’s software applications by using multi-factor authentication as a second source of validation to verify employees before granting access. 


Multi-factor authentication, or MFA, can be seamlessly added to your team’s workflow to add an additional security later that keeps external threats out.


Zero-Trust Application and Access

To avoid data loss and malicious activity, it’s critical that your organization doesn’t allow unauthorized access to its network. Zero-trust application is a security model that requires all users, both in and outside of an organization’s network, to be continually validated before being granted access to applications and data. 


The use of Zero-trust software ensures that only authorized users are able to access your organization's assets, improving your overall security posture.


Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware

To ensure protection against malware and other cyber threats, businesses must install anti-virus and anti-malware software on their computer systems. However, antivirus programs all have their own range of different program functionality at different price points. 


OT Group will help your business evaluate its unique network security requirements, and then help you implement an anti-virus and anti-malware system that works for your needs and budget.


Business Continuity

Disruption to business production can have severe consequences for an organization, no matter its size, location or industry. The increasing risk of cyber threats is making this disruption all the more common for small and medium-sized businesses.


That’s why a business continuity plan is critical. Business continuity prepares your organization for business disruption by building a proactive plan of action for how you will respond and recover in the event of a disastrous cyber threat.

Are You Looking to Enhance Your Cybersecurity Strategy?

To truly protect your organization from malicious, external threats, your business must have full visibility into its surface attack risk and the technologies it’s using to mitigate those risks and protect company data.

With that visibility, your business will have the information it needs to make cybersecurity improvements - to both policies and technology - that further protect your business from malicious threats. 

Don’t have the time and resources to build a robust cybersecurity strategy in house, or don’t know where to start with the implementation of some of these technologies that can better protect your business?

Get in touch with OT Group today. We have a range of innovative cybersecurity solutions that can better protect your Ontario-based business.
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