Monitio Contactless Temperature and Sign-In

Protect Your Office Employees With Contactless Temperature and Sign-In

Is your Ontario-based business making the transition back into the office? Are you looking for a way to protect the health and safety of the employees working on site?

The innovative new Monitio Essential body temperature and contactless sign-in system is here to help.

Monitio Essential is a body temperature scanner that protects the health and safety of the employees working in your office through contactless sign-in, temperature checks, a comprehensive self-assessment COVID-19 questionnaire and contact tracing. 

The technology has been built specifically to help Canadian businesses and essential service providers to administer a safe and productive environment for both employees and visitors.

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Why Choose Monitio Essential?

  • Contactless sign-in.
  • Wellness screening: temperature and symptoms questionnaire.
  • Secure contact tracing.

Automated Temperature Check

Innovative technology makes it possible to take the temperature of an employee or visitor in as little as two seconds, automating the check with laboratory-verified accuracy of <0.3°C. 

Monitio Essential also provides a comprehensive self-assessment questionnaire, customizable to the unique needs of your organization. 

Contactless Operation

Taking a temperature, scanning a QR code and completing a sign-in questionnaire is all made easy with contactless operations. Users can simply avoid touching the screen by using their own smartphone. 

Monitio Essential

Data-Protected Contact Tracing

Monitio Essential records all time-stamped screening results with personal contact information, allowing organizations to easily conduct contact tracing.

To secure this data, as well as a user's body temperature, Monitio Intelligence has taken steps to safeguard all sensitive information collected by the platform. 

Monitio Essential collects the minimal amount of information neccesary. All data stored on the screening system is collected with consent and used only for the purpose of minimizing the spread of respiratory illness, including COVID-19. 

Employees wearing masks in the office and social distancing Employees wearing masks in the office and social distancing

Attendance Management

Built with an intelligent data management system, Monitio Essential's full-cycle automation for employee/visitor sign-in and attendance management allows facilities to save on operational costs. 

Administers can easily access staff and visitor attendance records on their laptops, as well as receive sign-in notifications when a visitors arrives at their locations and completes the screening process. 

Are you interested in learning more about the Monitio Essential product and how it can help protect the health of your office-based employees? Contact us today to book a consultation to learn more about Monitio Essential!

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