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Customer Service Excellence

The long-term success of OT Group can be attributed to our philosophy of providing flexible, attentive, and effective customer service.

This starts with the first call to our office where we have 10 staff available to handle all incoming calls. We have all experienced the frustration of navigating through phone trees to get to the right department - which may or may not be able to help at all. This can lead to bad experiences and more importantly, time wasted unnecessarily.

At OT Group, there is no phone tree.

Our reception staff will take the time to hear and address your concerns and respond accordingly. 

They will place the service calls for you quickly to either our field technicians or helpdesk without needing to go through a separate department. They will also be able to forward your calls to management or other departments and staff upon request.

eSupport Booking - OT Group

Technical Support Excellence

OT Group clients benefit from the most efficient and comprehensive technical support and customer service team in the industry.

In addition to our incredibly fast service response, we offer eSupport to all of our clients. eSupport is a Remote Device Management function that allows clients to connect and collaborate with our service staff online, in real time.

Using our Customer Care portal, clients can place service calls, view month-to-month usage and access data on any copier or printer. Customers can also submit meter readings and order toner or consumables online instantly.

You can rest easy knowing that your business systems and networks are backed by a team of highly trained technical specialists who continuously excel in their profession.

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On Site Support

A team you can count on! At OT Group we know that when your system is down your business suffers.

We take a proactive approach to monitoring your copier and IT systems to prevent as many issues as possible. In the event that you do have a failure, we are on the scene in no time with an average remote support time of fewer than 30 minutes and an average onsite response time of less than 3 hours.

We know that your office technology infrastructure is the brain of your operation so you don't want just anyone working on it.

All of our support technicians are certified by industry leading bodies like Canon, Kyocera, Sharp, Comptia, Microsoft, Novel, VMWare, Cisco, HP and IBM so that they can get the job done right the first time.

OT Group's eSupport

In addition to responsive on-site service, you can also benefit from our host of remote support solutions. We know that security is crucial. We make sure the remote services we use don't leave an unlocked door on your network - in fact, the door doesn't exist when we finish!

A user-created connection inside your office establishes all remote sessions. This connection and all software are removed when we complete the support session.

Remote Support

With your permission, an OT Group technical team member can connect to your device and troubleshoot device and application problems. Using our screen sharing technology we can also train users on how to complete any task.

All of our remote sessions are established by creating a secure user-created connection inside your office. Once the session is completed, both the connection and all the software are removed leaving absolutely no possibility of unauthorized access to your system.

Remote Support also happens to be part of our Green Initiative. Just last year we were able to reduce our carbon footprint by approximately 160,000kms driven and at the same time gave virtually instant service! We're proud to be green.

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Book a Service Call

Our clients benefit from the most efficient, comprehensive and effective technical support and customer service team in the industry. We offer incredibly fast service calls and will send a member of our highly-trained technical support team to help get your organization back on track.

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