OT Group's Colour Coded Pricing Plan

Only Pay For The Colour You Actually Use

Did you know that most colour printing service plans will charge you the same amount for one dot of colour on your printed page as it costs for a document with a full page of colour?

That’s because every time you print a piece of paper with ink on it, you are charged for that output. Since there’s no way of monitoring that usage, your colour printing charges are the same whether you produce a simple logo or a full page of colour.

That is about to change. 

With OT Group’s unique Colour-Coded Pricing Plan, which uses innovative colour tracking technology, you only pay for the colour toner you actually use on each printed page. 

Colour Printing

How Much Can You Save?

If you are currently using a colour printing device on a service contract, you are overpaying for the colour toner you use. 

Toner is significantly more expensive on a service contract. That’s because parts and labour usually make up less than 20% of the total cost of your printer.

So, what does that mean for your colour printing? 

It means your organization is paying for an incredibly expensive colour toner that you aren’t even using. Common documents such as letters or invoices only require a small amount of colour toner - yet the colour toner you use on these documents is charged on the “law of averages” not on what you actually use.

With OT Group’s Colour-Coded Pricing Plan, your business will only pay a fraction of your current colour printing cost - no matter if you’re printing documents with a small amount of colour or an entire colour document. 

By only paying for the colour coverage you use on each page, your organization can reduce colour printing costs by up to 50%.

How much can you save

OT Group has three Colour-Coded Pricing Plans to save your business money

Simple: Simple documents are those which have low amounts of colour coverage on printed pages, such as emails, company logos and pages where you need minimal colour.

Standard: Standard documents are those which have an average amount of colour printed on the page.

Complex: Documents that use a large amount of colour, such as flyers and posters, fall under the OT Group's complex pricing strategy.

Ready to implement affordable colour printing and realize huge savings to your business? Then contact OT Group today and find out how much our innovative Colour-Coded Pricing plans can add to your bottom line.

Colour Pricing Plan

A Proven Track Record 

OT Group helps clients reach their business goals by increasing organizational efficiency, while reducing cost and improving worker satisfaction. 

By partnering with industry leading manufacturers and providing exceptional customer service, OT Group has maintained a 98% customer retention ratio for the past 15 years and a customer satisfaction rate of over 99%.

Our team of over 50 staff members are dedicated to deliver exceptional customer service and technical support. If you are looking for a partner to help manage office technology, increase productivity, or service your existing equipment, you have the right team at OT Group.

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