How to Improve Home Network Security for Remote Workers

Posted on Apr 30, 2020 5:47:28 PM

While we are working from home, getting a workspace environment comfortable and productive is the foundation for successful remote working. Your office space along with the utilization of technology to connect with teams is essential to keeping the engine of your business running.

But, have you given any thought to your network’s security since you’ve been working from home?

Most medium to large businesses have a security infrastructure in their offices so they can monitor and reduce the risk of cyberattacks on their network. They have the security measures in place to ensure that their team and their organization are safe.

For those working from home - this is often not the case. In fact, Cybersecurity expert, David Masson, interviewed by The Star - Edmonton remarked that most people don’t even know what the password to their router is, let alone follow a process to change their passwords frequently or have two-factor authentication set-up while working from home.

Masson is probably right, people see their home as a safe place, and to be honest, people have enough to think about during this stressful time, so the fact that their cybersecurity isn’t top of mind, we wouldn’t blame them.

However, cyber-attacks are on the rise since unprecedented numbers of people have been working from home. It’s important to give network security careful re-evaluation. Here are 3 concerns when working remotely, according to Forbes, that everyone should be looking out for, they include:

Home Wi-Fi Security:

Depending on the size of your organization, most offices would have WPA-2 (WiFi Protected Access) implemented or VPNs allowing their employees to work on secure networks. Most home-based WiFi’s are not private networks which increase the risk of intrusion by viruses and hackers.

Phishing Scams:

These come through predominately in emails that include malicious messages, links and attachments. The frightening thing is that scammers have become more sophisticated and are making these messages more personal, making the emails seem legitimate. Once someone clicks on any of the links or attachments in these emails, hackers are able to gain access to the device being used.

Insecure Passwords:

Some offices have started implementing 2-step authentication and have required employees to change their passwords frequently. Now that you’re working from home this couldn’t be more important! Simple passwords make hacking extremely easy, especially if the password in question is used for multiple platforms and multiple devices.

What You Can Do:

  • Frequently change your passwords (even to your router)
  • Having a different password for each platform
  • Adopt a strong password policy
  • Monitor and clean up programs on your device

We are all aware of these concerns, but being preoccupied lately and coping with rapid change, could cause us to neglect our network security.

At OT Group, we have the tools to help remedy the situation and improve your data and network security. Here are just some of the tools that we offer to help keep your information safe and secure:

Cloud-Based Backup Solution:

Protect and store your data anywhere at any time with our cloud-based solution. An important component of security is backup, and with OT Group you only pay for the storage you use! To learn more about the benefits of our Cloud-Based Backup Solution click here.

Managed Antivirus Package:

During this time, most small businesses are under financial and operational pressure. To help, OT Group is offering the use of our Managed Antivirus package at no charge. This package will help to secure your network and protect it from malware, viruses and malicious activity from hackers who are trying to penetrate your network.

For more tools and advice to help secure your network while working from home, please feel free to contact OT Group at any time.

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