Managed IT Services Kingston: 4 Benefits for Your Business

Posted on March 22, 2022

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Managed IT Services Kingston: 4 Benefits for Your Business

Organizations in the current marketplace are working with an ever-growing number of vendors. Outsourcing elements of your business will give your business access to specific expertise, specialized knowledge and highly-qualified workers that would be far too expensive to employ in-house. 

With IT becoming a larger and more complex task for small, medium and large businesses, many owners and executives in Canada are now looking for ways to outsource IT help outside of their organization. Is your Kingston, Ontario-based business looking for third-party expertise to enhance your IT strategy?

Managed IT services might just be the answer for your business.

Managed IT services give your Kingston-based company the opportunity to work with highly-specialized IT experts, who can offer anything from basic support to highly sophisticated IT strategies such as cybersecurity and disaster recovery.

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What is managed IT services?

In a managed IT services agreement, a third-party organization will be responsible for the entirety, or a portion, of your organization’s IT operations. This off-premise service provider is known as a managed services provider (MSP).

Traditionally, IT-related machine and network maintenance were done using the “break-fix” methodology. That means when something broke, an organization would call a maintenance expert to fix the problem, or replace the equipment.

However, through managed IT services, your provider will be responsible for managing, monitoring and resolving problems within your IT strategy. This is a proactive IT model that ensures your company has access to the latest technologies in a bid to minimize downtime.

A managed IT services provider can provide round-the-clock monitoring, issue resolution, reporting, infrastructure, data security and many other IT services that allow you to focus on your company’s core competencies.

This is particularly important in the current environment, where servers crashing, IT disasters and cybercrime are all serious threats that can significantly impact the success of your company.

That’s why managed IT services have become incredibly popular in recent years. Research firm 451 Research found that out of 451 large businesses surveyed, 45 per cent of organizations plan to partner with a managed security services provider.

Meanwhile, a study published by SWC Technology Partners found 59 per cent of IT services have transitioned from the traditional break-fix model to a managed service contract.

How your business will benefit from managed IT services in Kingston?

Your business can realize immediate benefits from outsourcing IT through managed services. OT Group has listed just four of those benefits here:

1 - Keep up with evolving tech expertise

IT departments no longer just need to be qualified in IT support. There’s a wide range of technologies that impact your business in today’s market, from cybersecurity, artificial intelligence (AI), mobile app development and much more.

Do you have an IT department with expertise in all of these areas? Probably not. By outsourcing these functions to an MSP your company will have access to specialized experts and in-depth knowledge in regards to emerging technologies. This will ensure you stay competitive and keep pace with the demands of modern IT strategies.

2 - Focus on your core competencies

Your business likely has limited resources no matter how small or large it is. Outsourcing your IT strategy will allow your in-house employees, IT department and management team to stay focused on your core business.

Focusing on your core competencies, while having an expert MSP who can successfully keep your IT strategy competitive, will give your business everything it needs to drive future growth and boost profits.

3 - Predictable monthly costs

IT investments are expensive. It can be hard to accurately predict costs when your networks, storage, security, hardware and software needs to be constantly maintained, updated and replaced - that’s not even including staff training and many other costs.

Outsourcing through managed IT services, however, will give your company access to predictable monthly costs. MSPs break their services into fixed monthly payments, so you’ll know exactly what your business is spending and when.

4 - Quickly implement new technologies

Not only does managed IT services give your business the ability to scale your IT demands up and down rapidly depending on business demands, but it also allowed you to rapidly deploy new technologies into your operations.

MSPs have the resources and expertise to start new projects right away on behalf of your company. Handling these same projects could take your in-house team weeks, or even months, to implement successfully.

Are you looking for managed IT services in Kingston?

Are you looking to enhance your IT strategy through a strategic partnership with a managed IT services provider in Kingston, Ontario? OT Group is here to help your business.

When you partner with OT Group, you gain access to over 50 customer service and technical staff who understand just what it takes to build, and maintain, an IT strategy that sets your business up for success. We can perform an analysis of your existing IT infrastructure, and then recommend appropriate hardware and software, as well as employee training, that will promote increased productivity and new growth for your business. 

Our innovative managed IT services for Kingston will ensure your business has everything it needs to deliver superior customer service, enhance internal communication and maximise workplace efficiencies, setting your business up for increased profits. 

Get in touch with OT Group today, and find out how our team of experts can transform your company’s IT strategy through managed IT services Kingston. 

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