5 Ways Generative AI Can Boost Office Productivity

Posted on October 04, 2023

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5 Ways Generative AI Can Boost Office Productivity

Staying ahead of the curve means integrating the latest IT solutions and office technologies into your business in a bid to improve productivity, increase return on investment (ROI) and maintain your competitive advantage. 

While your IT strategy and office technologies are critical, there are also cases where free, simple tools can also help you boost productivity. 

There has been an undeniable buzz surrounding the world of artificial intelligence (AI). At the heart of this excitement lies a particularly intriguing subset of AI - generative AI. In fact, it’s estimated that the use of generative AI can improve employee productivity by 66 percent (Nielsen Norman Group). 

So, what is generative AI, what’s fuelling this recent frenzy and what are its productivity implications for your business? 

What is Generative AI?

At its core, generative AI refers to a class of artificial intelligence that specializes in generating new content, be it in the form of text, images, music, or even complex data structures. 

Unlike other forms of AI that are designed to understand, categorize, or process data, generative AI excels in actual creation. These tools can produce output that wasn't part of their initial training data, offering unique and novel results.

Some business uses of generative AI include:

  • Software development
  • Content creations
  • Design creations
  • Language translation
  • Personalization in customer service
  • General operations
  • Video creation

How Can Generative AI Boost Productivity? 

#1 - Employee Training and Onboarding 

Every employee is unique, with different learning speeds and styles. Generic training modules often miss the mark, leading to prolonged onboarding times and unclear understanding. Generative AI can tailor training content to the individual, assessing their understanding in real-time and adjusting the training pace and materials accordingly. This ensures employees are onboarded effectively and can hit the ground running.

#2 - Improved Scheduling and Time Management

Scheduling meetings, managing appointments, and optimizing an employee's day can be a logistical nightmare. Generative AI can process vast amounts of data to help staff members make intelligent decisions on how to better structure their day. By forecasting the most productive sequence of tasks, it minimizes downtime and ensures optimal engagement.

#3 - Automated Communication and Customer Service

For tasks like initial customer outreach or follow-up emails, employees are turning to Generative AI tools. By generating contextually relevant and personalized communication drafts, employees can ensure consistency and save time, allowing them to focus on more complex interactions and relationship-building.

#4 - Streamlined Document Creation

Employees are using Generative AI tools to assist with the initial creation of documents, from reports to memos. By inputting key points or a basic outline, generative AI can generate comprehensive drafts, allowing employees to spend more time refining and less time on tedious drafting and planning processes.

#5 - Personalized Learning and Skill Enhancement

Employees are using Generative AI in their professional development. AI can create tailored learning paths, quizzes, or materials based on an individual's existing knowledge and the skills they aim to acquire. This ensures that learning is efficient and directly relevant to their role and aspirations.

Want to take your company’s productivity to the next level? Get in touch with OT Group today and find out how our innovative IT strategies and office technologies can help. 

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