5 Managed IT Services ‘Must-Haves’ to Drive Business Success

Posted on August 27, 2021

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5 Managed IT Services ‘Must-Haves’ to Drive Business Success

The rate at which technology and software trends evolve can be daunting for any business owner. As quickly as your organization adopts technology, it feels like a new version of that software or a new product has already taken its place.

That’s not even mentioning the fact that for technology to be successful, it relies on user adoption. Your employees simply must be using the tools they have at their disposal if your business is to gain ROI from the technologies you invest in. 

On top of that you have even further challenges. There’s the pandemic that has led to Ontario-based businesses now having to support a remote workforce, while the increasing threat of security breaches has made cybersecurity a compulsory aspect of any company's IT strategy.

Working with a managed IT services partner is now a crucial aspect of maintaining your competitive edge, improving your customer experience and enhancing your internal efficiencies. 

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In this blog, we take a look at the top five managed IT services ‘must-haves’ that will boost the internal efficiencies, processes and profitability of your business. 

1 - IT support services

All companies today use hardware and software to run and manage their daily business operations. As a result, IT tech support is a crucial part of any organization's IT strategy. It’s a crucial component of preventing downtime from impacting your business. 

Managed IT services providers typically have their own support team, who will provide technical support to your business. This includes various support levels, from help with software issues to actual hardware repairs. 

2 - Communication services

With the transition to remote work and hybrid workplaces, it has never been so important for small and medium-sized organizations to implement IT communication strategies that ensure their entire team is in sync. 

There’s a huge number of communication technologies out there, from unified communication and collaboration (UC&C) platforms, VoIP phone systems, video conferencing and so much more. A managed IT services provider will help you find the right solutions for your specific company goals. 

3 - Cybersecurity for small business

Due to limited budgets, cybercriminals are increasingly targeting small and medium-sized businesses. SMEs are particularly vulnerable to cybersecurity threats such as malware, phishing, social engineering, brute force attacks and denial-of-service attacks.

A managed IT service provider will be able to help you implement an effective cybersecurity strategy that protects your business from online crime. This could include tactics such as multi-factor authentication, VPNs, backing up your data, anti-virus software and much more!

4 - Networking and infrastructure 

Managed IT service providers offer a range of support options for your networking and IT infrastructure. Depending on what you are looking for from your partner, networking and infrastructure could include anything from:

  • Onsite infrastructure
  • Managed data backups
  • Managed cloud infrastructure
  • Remotely managed print services
  • And so much more

5 - Software-as-a-service

If you need new software to grow your organization or scale your company, a managed IT services provider can help your organization work with the right software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications and manage them on your behalf. 

There are a number of benefits your business can realize from going the SaaS route, from lower costs, reduced time to benefit, and improved scalability and business flexibility. 

Interested in learning more about some of the core IT functions that a managed IT services provider can help your business improve? Get in touch with OT Group today. We provide managed IT services in South Eastern Ontario, and we’d love to help your business achieve its objectives.


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