5 Reasons Why Your Ontario Business Should Outsource its CTO

Posted on Jun 25, 2021 10:56:35 AM

No matter the size of your Ontario-based business, having a technical leader is absolutely crucial. 

You need someone who will build and manage your IT infrastructure, outline your IT strategies based on your company’s business goals, oversee technology implementations and supervise software and hardware developments. 

As your business grows in size, you need someone who is able to technically advise and guide your organization with the best technologies and software solutions that will help your business meet its growth targets. 

Yet hiring a chief technical officer (CTO) in-house is incredibly expensive. CTOs are highly-skilled and experienced individuals who sit on the executive-level positions of your company, and that means they are paid accordingly.

If your small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) is in need of a technical leader but isn’t ready to splash the cash on an in-house chief technical officer, what options do you have to make sure your IT strategy is on track? 

That’s where an outsourced CTO can help. 

What is an outsourced CTO?

An outsourced chief technical officer is a third-party technology specialist who examines both the short and long-term needs of your organization, ensuring that the technology your business uses is helping you to meet your overall business goals. 

A CTO will ensure that your technology infrastructure is on track to effectively meet both your company’s internal objectives, as well as help you meet the demands and expectations of your customers. 

Typical services from an outsourced CTO could include improving your risk management and disaster recovery planning technology to ensure you’re safe from cybercrime, building a network infrastructure that allows you to scale up as your business grows and optimizing your existing technologies for optimal performance.

The top reasons your business should hire an outsourced CTO

With that in mind, why should your Ontario-based SME consider outsourcing your CTO position? The answer is that you’ll gain a mixture of cost savings, experience, expertise and a track record of success that you just can’t afford in-house. 

Here are five reasons why you should outsource your CTO:

1 -  Significant cost savings

As we mentioned previously, hiring a CTO in-house is typically incredibly expensive. An internal chief technology officer is an executive-level position with vast expertise, and that doesn’t come cheap. With an outsourced CTO you can access that same level of knowledge and experience, but for a cost-effective price.

2 - Reduced operational risks

When working with an outsourced CTO you should choose a company who has a strong track record in achieving great results with SMEs in Ontario. The right CTO will help to create sustainable operations and processes through technology infrastructure, significantly reducing operational risk for your organization. 

3 - Stay on top of the market trends that keep you competitive

Outsourced CTOs are experts in the tech space, and that means they are constantly learning about new industry market trends and technologies that are improving the way companies across Ontario operate. That means your business will now have access to a knowledge base that helps you define and implement the technologies you need to stay ahead of your competitors. 

4 - Define a roadmap for your organization

An outsourced CTO will work closely with the stakeholders of your business to understand what goals and growth objectives you are trying to achieve. With that knowledge, they will create both short and long term technology goals for the business, ensuring you have a clear direction towards success. 

5 - Adapt to the new way of working

The future of work is remote. To keep your employees happy it’s likely that your SME is adapting to either a remote working model, a hybrid working model or some form of flexibility in which employees can work both inside and outside of the office. While this form of work is great for employee happiness and productivity, it needs to be implemented correctly. An outsourced CTO will help you build your IT infrastructure and technology software around this exciting new way of working. 

Are you interested in learning more about the benefits of an outsourced CTO? Get in touch with OT Group today. We would love to answer any questions you have about the CTO outsourcing process and how it works.

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