5 Ways AI in the Workplace can Benefit Your Organization

Posted on October 25, 2022

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5 Ways AI in the Workplace can Benefit Your Organization
There’s no doubt that the future of work will be different. It’s going to be more advanced, more efficient, and more productive. Most importantly, it’s going to be more human. And all of that is thanks to the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) in the workplace.

Today, a large amount of an employees’ time is taken up by administrative tasks and bureaucratic processes. In the future, these tasks will be managed by AI, giving staff members the time they need to work on truly valuable tasks. 

5 Ways to Use Technology to Improve Workplace Productivity

AI will be designed to seamlessly augment humans in the workplace, removing mundane tasks so team members can focus on core competencies that drive business growth, profitability, and customer satisfaction. 

While this is some years away yet, there are already a huge swathe of AI technologies that are used in the workplace today. In this blog, we look at the key ways in which AI in the workplace can benefit small and medium-sized organizations…right now!

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#1 - Collaboration among staff 

Collaboration is critical to a successful business, and AI in the workplace can elevate it to a new level. AI can be used to connect and analyze data sources, keep a company’s knowledge base up to date, and offer important metrics that help employees and management work more efficiently. 

Chatbots can even be used internally to help staff members resolve HR requests, and even conduct training and development courses that help employees learn new skills and grow in their role. 

An additional benefit of improved collaboration through technology is that AI in the workplace can also help companies build seamless remote work environments. For example, semantic search and natural language processes can be used to make it easier for remote employees to find the information they need on the company’s network. 

#2 - Enhanced cybersecurity

Artificial intelligence is playing an increasingly important role in helping businesses to improve their cybersecurity strategies. AI can be used to help organizations better detect threats and protect their systems and data resources. 

Common cybersecurity technologies - such as antivirus, antimalware, data loss prevention, fraud detection, access management and intrusion detection - can all use artificial intelligence within their software to some extent. Typically, AI is being most commonly used to help detect threats more accurately and then prioritize responses based on risk level. 

#3 - Customer service 

With the vast majority of organizations now competing on nothing other than the customer experience, delivering a world-class customer service is more important than ever better. The better the customer service you deliver, the more likely you’ll gain new customers through word-of-mouth marketing and ensure existing customers are loyal to your brand. 

AI in the workplace can significantly improve customer service efforts, whether it’s the use of chatbots to provide customers with round-the-clock care, automating processes to limit human errors, or the use of live call guidance technology to improve the performance of customer service agents. 

#4 - Improved productivity 

Research by Accenture has found that, in the coming years, human-machine collaboration will increase productivity and revenue by 38 percent. In fact, two-thirds of business leaders envision that human-machine collaboration will help in achieving strategic priorities faster and more efficiently.

AI can automate mundane and monotonous tasks so employees can focus on core competencies and more complex jobs that drive value to the business. AI can also provide a business with insights and analysis on how its team is working and where productivity improvements can be made. 

#5 - Cultural change

With artificial intelligence, organizations are able to adapt their company culture so that it is data-driven. In this environment, monotonous tasks are automated, managers decisions are based on data and employees are empowered to perform truly valuable work that they enjoy. 

By improving the decision making process and empowering team members, AI helps organizations to build a culture in which team members feel valued, important and are truly satisfied with their job. This helps improve productivity and drive business growth.

Interested in learning more about how AI in the workplace can help your business grow, and which technologies would work for the specific needs of your business? Get in touch with OT Group today. Our team of Ontario-based IT specialists would love to help. 

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