Boost Team Efficiencies With 5 Top Office Copier Machine Features

Posted on March 05, 2024

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Boost Team Efficiencies With 5 Top Office Copier Machine Features

Are you on the lookout for ways to crank up the efficiency of your small-to-medium-sized business? It may not seem like much, but you might want to cast a closer eye on your office copier machine

Sure, it's not just about making copies anymore – today's copiers come packed with features that can seriously up the efficiency of your office and improve the productivity of your team. 

In this blog, we’ll dive into five office copier features that can make a real difference to your team’s efficiency. So, if you're ready to optimize your office technology, keep reading for the lowdown.

1. High-Speed Duplex Scanning and Printing 

In the hustle and bustle of business life, time is money. What your office needs is a copier that can effortlessly scan or print on both sides of a document. Double the speed, double the efficiency! With high-speed duplex scanning and printing, you're not just saving time but also doing your bit for the environment by cutting down on paper use. 

Investing in a copier with high-speed duplex scanning and printing can turbocharge your document processing, help you collaborate like a champ, and empower your team to hit those tight deadlines with ease.

2. Advanced Document Finishing Options 

Want your reports and presentations to look like they were assembled by a pro? Enter advanced document finishing options. Think stapling, hole punching, and booklet making, all done at the push of a button. 

No more wrestling with manual assembly – your team can focus on the good stuff while the copier adds that polished, professional touch. Impress your clients, nail that pitch, and save precious time in the process.

3. Mobile Printing and Scanning Capabilities

We all know the world is going mobile, and your copier should too. Look for one that supports mobile printing and scanning. Now, your team can print and scan directly from their smartphones or tablets, no computer middleman needed. 

Whether they're on the move or working from their favourite coffee shop, this feature keeps the collaboration flowing and the workflow smooth. Embrace the future of work with mobile printing and scanning, and your team will thank you.

Interested in learning more? Read our blog, What is Mobile Print Release and How Will it Save Your Business Money?

4. User-Friendly Touchscreen Interface

Nobody wants (or has the time) to deal with a complicated copier. Opt for a machine with a user-friendly touchscreen interface. It's like upgrading from a clunky old phone to the latest smartphone. Smooth navigation, straightforward menus – it's a breeze. 

Your team can execute complex tasks without the headache, reducing errors and downtime. A simple, intuitive copier interface not only boosts efficiency but also makes the whole office technology experience a lot more pleasant.

5. Secure Printing and Data Encryption

In a world where data security is non-negotiable, your copier should be up to the task - just like the rest of the technology in your office. Go for one with secure printing and data encryption features. 

Secure printing ensures that sensitive documents only hit the paper when someone is physically at the copier. And data encryption? It's like a virtual fortress around your info, protecting it from any lurking cyber threats.

Are you ready to take the next step to boost your team’s efficiency? Reach out to OT Group’s team of office technology experts today and we’ll help you find a copier that empowers you with new levels of office productivity.

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