How Dual Monitors Can Improve Your Organization’s Productivity

Posted on Oct 7, 2020 1:03:00 PM


For many organizations, keeping costs down is a crucial aspect of maintaining healthy cash flow and driving higher profits. When it comes to your IT strategy, however, spending money wisely can lead to huge increases in the productivity and efficiency of your employees.

There’s a reason for the saying “you have to spend money to make money”, and this is particularly true when it comes to the technology that your organization invests in. Well-thought-out investments into technology will ensure that your business is productive, efficient and competitive.

In fact, small tech investments can dramatically improve the productivity of your business. 

In this blog, OT Group is going to focus on how investing in dual monitors for your employees can significantly enhance your company’s day-to-day operations.

Why invest in dual monitors for your employees?

Purchasing second monitors for your employee’s desk (or home office if they are currently working remotely) can seem like a waste of money for the majority of organizations - after all, having two monitors is a luxury, right?

In fact, according to this report from Dell, workers showed a 44 percent boost in productivity for text tasks and a 29 percent rise for spreadsheet tasks when moving from a single screen to a dual-monitor setup.

In another study cited by the report, participants were able to complete their given set of tasks nearly two-and-a-half minutes faster using a dual-monitor setup. While that time doesn’t sound like a lot at first glance, it adds up quickly when multiplied by task and employee - a gain of just five minutes per hour leads to 40 saved minutes each business day for each employee.

Not only that, but employees who used dual monitors were also found to have far higher user satisfaction. This leads to better quality work, improved efficiencies and an increased chance that your organization will be able to retain its most talented employees. 

Some simple benefits of working with dual monitors

With these benefits in mind, let’s take a more detailed look at how working with dual monitors provides ways for employees to work more productively and efficiently. Here are the key reasons your business should invest in multiple monitors:

  • Vastly improved multitasking.
  • Significantly enhanced productivity.
  • Easier copy and pasting for content-heavy roles.
  • Seamless side-by-side product comparisons.
  • Improved visibility for image and video editing. 
  • Easier data entry.

Which employees need two screens? 

Most employees will benefit from dual monitors in your organization, but not every employee needs to work from two screens. The employees that will benefit most from dual monitors will be those who are required to work from multiple programs at the same time.

Graphic designers, those working with large amounts of data, video editors, content writers and researchers are all examples of positions that would significantly benefit from having two monitors, as these jobs require the use of multiple programs to move files and information around.

By being able to see two programs side by side - for example, a writer working on a piece of content and being able to see their initial plan at the same time - your employees will be able to ramp up productivity. 

How to choose the best computer monitor for your employees

To ensure your investment into dual monitors for staff members truly makes your business more profitable, it’s important that you purchase the right monitors. There are a number of factors that go into the best computer monitors, and this entirely depends on your organization’s needs.

The perfect monitor will depend entirely on each employee’s personal needs, how much space they have at their desk and what their job requires. The dual monitors needed for someone working in a data-entry position will be entirely different from the requirements of a graphic designer.

This could involve differences in ergonomics, screen configuration, performance, colour, detail and much more. That’s why the OT Group webstore has a huge range of monitors, allowing you to find the right dual-monitor solution for your employee’s individual needs.

Do you need help finding a dual monitor solution for your employees? Contact the OT Group team of technology experts today. We would love to help enhance your office technology so that you can access productivity improvements that drive higher profits for your business. 

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