5 Reasons You Should Partner With a Local IT Provider

Posted on February 22, 2022

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5 Reasons You Should Partner With a Local IT Provider

The success of your business is inextricably linked to your technology, whether it's your customer-facing tools, internal software, or your office technology. If you want your business to be successful and to continue achieving yearly growth, you need to make sure the technology that you use is up to the challenge.

In fact, a report from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business found that 79 percent of Canadian small and medium-sized businesses see technology as critical to business success.

The IT provider and office technology suppliers that you use are essential to the success of your business. They make sure your technology is operating efficiently, they maintain your hardware, they ensure you have the technology you need for success, and much more.

Your IT provider ensures your company implements the technology needed to align your internal objectives. The result? Your business will run efficiently, you will be able to meet the expectations of your customers and you will be set up perfectly for future growth.

With that in mind, let's take a look at what an IT provider actually is and why your organization can realize huge ROI from partnering with a local IT expert

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What is an IT provider?

An IT provider, also known as an IT service provider or IT solutions provider, is a third-party, outsourced IT and technology expert that provides businesses with services such as IT consulting, office technology and IT managed services

The primary aim of an IT provider is to streamline the day-to-day operations of a business through technology, increase internal efficiencies and productivity, as well as provide cost benefits. 

An IT provider does this by advising businesses on the top IT solutions, technologies, and office technologies depending on the company's specific goals and requirements. They then implement these technologies into the business and even manage them.

Why you should partner with a local IT provider

Do you own a small or medium-sized business in Southern Ontario? Here are five reasons why you should partner with a local IT and office technology provider, such as OT Group, instead of a global or virtual provider:

1 - Superior customer service

Local companies are much smaller than large international corporations. This means their employees are a tight-knit family, with every single staff member knowing exactly why they are working with your company and what goals you are trying to achieve.

Can’t get through to your usual contact? No problem, everyone working at a local IT provider will know exactly what you need and what your expectations are. Unlike a large corporation, small local companies will be able to make a tailor-made IT solution that works for your company and they'll have more time to give you the world-class customer service you expect from them.

2 - On-site support

Remote support has come a long way in recent years, but there’s still a large number of challenges that could occur with your IT infrastructure or office technology. Sometimes virtual support isn’t enough to fix these issues.

A local IT provider will be able to send technology experts to your office to diagnose issues with your IT systems and fix them immediately. Not only does this resolve the issue faster, but it also gives you the peace of mind you need to focus on what you do best - running your business.

3 - Access to highly-specialized knowledge

Local companies operate in a highly competitive market. Not only do they have to compete with large organizations that sell their products to companies all over the world, but they also have to offer better products and services than their local competitors.

Local IT providers know what they are good at and focus on becoming experts in those specific areas. When you go local you can rest assured that you're getting the very best possible services, products, and IT advice.

4 - In-person training

The implementation of technology can be difficult. If your employees don’t completely understand how these new systems work then adoption levels will be low and productivity will be affected. The best way to maximize the value of new technology is to make sure everyone in your company understands how to make the most of it.

Unlike virtual providers that can only provide you with virtual training materials, local IT providers will be on hand to provide you with in-person expertise. Through local IT providers, your company will be able to hold on-site training sessions, in-person question and answer sessions, as well as one-on-one training with specialized experts. Employee training is crucial to technology success

5 - They care about your success

Local companies are an important part of the local community. They attend community fundraising events, they connect with local experts across a range of experts, they invest heavily in supporting local jobs and they contribute to the success of the region.

That means they care deeply about the success of your organization. You aren’t just another client to a local IT supplier, you are a part of the community that they are proactively trying to help grow. They share your values and are passionate about seeing you succeed.

Is your business ready to partner with a local IT provider? Get in touch with OT Group today. Our team of technology experts would love to answer your questions and explain exactly how we can ensure your company stays competitive through the use of next-generation technology.

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