9 Ways to Better Achieve Secure Printing

Posted on January 16, 2023

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9 Ways to Better Achieve Secure Printing

In today’s world, there's an increasing need to protect data and sensitive documents from unauthorized access. Secure printing is a critical element to making sure this information is protected that many people completely forget about.

In order to secure your printing processes, organizations must take several steps to ensure the safe handling of sensitive data and documents.

Here are nine ways to better achieve secure printing:

  1. User authentication

Authentication is an important layer of security that can help ensure only authorized personnel can access confidential data and documents. Organizations can choose from a variety of different authentication methods based on their needs and preferences.

  1. Update printer security settings

The primary way to ensure secure printing is to update your printer's security settings. Make sure to enable the security features that come with the printer, such as encryption, authentication, and authorization. This will help keep your sensitive data safe and make sure only authorized personnel can access the print jobs.

  1. Use unique printer IDs

For added security, use unique printer IDs for each printer in the network. This makes it more difficult for hackers to target specific printers, and it also makes it easier to follow a path back to the source of any printed documents.

  1. Utilize NTFS permissions

New Technology File System (NTFS) permissions are a great way to limit access to certain documents and printers. Setting file permissions will allow organizations to restrict who can access certain documents, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access them.

  1. Track printing activity

Organizations should track and monitor printing activity to ensure that things are running smoothly and that documents are not being printed by unauthorized personnel. This can be done through auditing software to monitor and track printing activities and make sure that only authorized personnel have access to documents. Additionally, print auditing will help organizations save costs by helping them track the usage and costs associated with printing.

  1. Educate employees

Educating employees on secure printing procedures is also important. Make sure employees understand the importance of secure printing and that they know the policies and procedures in place. Understanding why secure printing is important will help ensure that employees are following the correct procedures and help avoid any risk of data loss or theft.

  1. Restrict physical access

In order to ensure secure printing, organizations should also restrict physical access to their printers. This can be done by placing the printer in a secure area with limited access or by using authentication before someone can access the printer.

  1. Limit or disable network printing

Network printing can be a security risk, as it can make it easier for outside attacks. It’s important to limit or disable network printing if possible. This will help prevent confidential data from being printed or accessed by unauthorized personnel.

  1. Invest in a new printer

Older machines may not have the necessary functions or latest security features needed to keep your information safe. Investing in a new machine with the latest security features can help protect your sensitive data and documents.

Secure printing is an important part of an organization’s overall security strategy. By following these tips, organizations can better ensure that sensitive documents are kept secure and safe from unauthorized access.

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