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More employees are working from home than ever before. Yet, despite the large number of benefits that come with remote work, working from home also presents a number of challenges for your organization.

One of the most common challenges that employers face when managing remote teams is protecting their team from cybersecurity risks. 

In fact, a study from OpenVPN found that while IT leaders see the benefits of remote work and understand that it’s here to stay, they still fear that organizations leave themselves vulnerable to many risks.  

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Cybersecurity and data backups should be a priority for your company’s IT strategy, but do you still need to focus on this when working with a cloud subscription service?

One of the most common questions we receive here at OT Group is: ‘Do I need to secure and backup my data when using Office 365, surely Microsoft takes care of this on behalf of my company?

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The loss of information can mean the end of your business. That may sound dramatic, but it’s true. In fact, three out of four businesses that suffered a major data loss closed their doors in the last 10 years. 

That is why data protection is critical to your business. It not only provides peace of mind (and helps you keep your stability if a loss does occur) – it could be what makes or breaks your business’ success. And data protection isn’t just for large businesses. Even small home businesses with less information on the line can suffer from data losses. 

That is why we want to share which data protection and recovery solutions your business should be looking at based on its size. 

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The huge increase in remote work since the start of the pandemic has meant “the office of the future has arrived” early, according to a new whitepaper from New York-based IT firm Electric, yet small to medium-sized businesses need to do more to prevent cybercrime.

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An increasing amount of the work that we do as small and medium-sized businesses is performed over the internet, particularly with the increase in teams working remotely. Whether it’s sending an email to a client, selling a product online or talking to employees, we are constantly communicating with both individuals and organizations online.

This reliance on the internet, without proper precautions, has opened organizations up to the threat of cybercrime, and in particular phishing scams.

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While we are working from home, getting a workspace environment comfortable and productive is the foundation for successful remote working. Your office space along with the utilization of technology to connect with teams is essential to keeping the engine of your business running.

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